Q: what is the meaning of 'eca3G'?

initial of 'Energy Conversion Apparatus 3rd Generation.' can pronounce as 'εka three Gee!!'

Q: 'eca3G' is grounding device or lightning protection device?

'eca3G' is grounding & lightning protection device, which enable to make optimistic grounding system (common grounding, equi-potential), and eliminate lightning surge current at the same time. 'eca3G' is lightning protection device to eliminate abnormal voltage & induced current from lightning. 'eca3G' has US patent (No. 7652865 B2) as “Grounding Device not need to be buried in Ground”

Q: How 'eca3G' is working?

Convert electrical characteristics of lightning surge to other energy such as heat & arc energy, neutralize electrical characteristics, and form equi-potential environment to protect all the system in the same space. This is the technology of the world first third generation digital grounding device, and secure US patent and international patent.

Q: Who are the major clients of 'eca3G'?

eca3G has been installed for Navy, Army, Air Force, National Institution, Water Service Management Agency, Railway, Subway, Road construction, Gas Corporation, Hydro-Nuclear powers Corporation, Broadcasting Station, Mobile Communication Service Provider, mobile shelters and etc. And it protects the electronic communication facility from the lightning.

Q: What type of equipment 'eca3G' protect?

The eca3G protects the Wire/Wireless Communication Equipment, Radar, Communication Vehicle, Measuring Control Equipment, Broadcast Facility, CCTV Camera and Security feature, Electronic Perimeter System, Anti-aircraft gun, Missile, and etc. with the device for protecting all electronic communication facilities from Lightning and Surge.

Q: The Warranty period of the 'eca3G'?

Lightning Protection Model (LM, SM, TM, TNC): 5 years, Surge Protection Model: 3 years

Q: 'eca3G' can be used where there is no grounding?

Yes. 'eca3G' can protect electronic/communication systems from lightning without grounding system. We have plenty of proven experiences for unmanned TV Relay stations, Unmanned forest fire monitoring systems, Hydro-power dam surveillance system, Fire fighting agency wireless communication systems in the deep mountain area, and plenty. This is the one of the strength of 'eca3G' and key of US patent.