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Welcome to the homepage of “GROUND Co., Ltd.”

Since 1999, we have provided integrated lightning surge protection
services mainly for the systems & equipment of national security
facilities, and realized remarkable service performances with a protection
rate of 99.88% for 24 years.

If you have problems with lightning surges & other various surges,
despite installing various surge protective devices (SPD, Arrestor, TVSS),
despite installing advanced lightning arrestors, despite having very low
earthing resistance, and your electronic communication systems continue to
have surge problems, you are lucky to have found us, because you will be
free from these unnecessary problems.

You should meet < GROUND Co. >

< eca3G > - US patented, the 3RD Generation Digital Lightning Protection Device- will provide you with perfect total lightning protection, and will completely free you from surge problems.

This solution has been installed at numerous problematic areas, and has solved all the lightning surge problems for military communications, radar/missile/anti-aircraft control systems, CCTV surveillance systems, scientific perimeter systems, C4i systems, etc., and provides 24-hour operational support under bad weather conditions.

With great performance, < eca3G> has become the standard specification of lightning protection for the Korea NAVY, Korea Broadcasting System, Korea Hydro-Nuclear Power Corporation, Regional Fire Fighting Agency, Regional Drinking Water Plant and more.

< eca3G> has also been installed at mobile shelters such as mobile communication vehicles, mobile military operation centers, and mobile radar systems which no longer install stationary grounding rods at a fixed place since using < eca3G >, because < eca3G > is the only one grounding device which does not need to be buried in the ground.

< eca3G > has been installed in Malaysia since 2010, and will be installed at other ASEAN countries very soon. We are ready to meet clients from around the world who need solutions, and will make you a hero who solve the long-troubled problems of surges. We will always do our best for 100% protection, 100% perfection, and 100% safety for our clients.


By ALL of us of the GROUND’ Family